Education System

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Education System

Students who do not perform all the provisions and processes that have been determined are not allowed to follow academic activities in the semester. After becoming a student of Trisakti University, students will undergo the entire learning process that has been established by the study program in various types of learning with each provision for each type of teaching.

Type of Learning

Based on the materials, objectives and competence demands contained in the learning program, differentiated on:

  1. Theoretical learning, which is a learning program that examines (by giving) certain scientific theories with the aim of fostering (giving and adding) the academic ability of students.
    1. Delivery can be done in various ways, such as lectures, lectures, group discussions, seminars, assignments and other ways that are considered necessary.
    2. Lecturing is conducted by a lecturer who discusses the subject matter in accordance with the syllabus and the lecture unit of the lecture (SAP) that has been determined.
    3. Submission of course material can be done in two languages ​​namely Indonesian and English as a second language.
  2. Practical learning is a simulative learning program that trains students   to plan and design or conduct experiments or experiments in certain fields of science and technology. This program contains labs in the laboratory or at other places of practice. Practicum is given by Lecturer and / or Assistant Lecturer and can be assisted by Student Assistant Lecturer.
  3. Field Working Learning is a learning program that provides real-world experience to students in their off-campus field of study to gain the professional knowledge and skills demanded by their chosen courses.
  4. Business Lecture of Independent Business Applied Technology (KUM-ITT) is a learning program that provides real experience to students to gain problem-solving skills in a multi-disciplinary / multi-disciplinary environment.Activities include lecture courses in lecture rooms and fieldwork.
  5. Learning Assistance / Tutorial / Response   is an activity that supports or completes the lectures. This task assists students in structured activities, or in conducting experiments / experiments in laboratories or at other places of practice.
  6. Provision of assistance / tutorial is done by the Lecturers concerned and / or by an Assistant Lecturer, and can also be done by the Student Assistant Lecturer assigned to it.
  7. In order to fulfill one of the requirements of completion of Undergraduate Education Program (S1), students are guided to be able to produce a scientific / design work, such as thesis writing or final project.

Competency Course

Competency course is a course that has significant value to competence demands. The number of courses is 6 - 10mata lecture. The type and distribution of the semester is determined by the respective Study Program.

Competency Subject Table



Petroleum Engineering

Geology Engineering

Mining Engineering

1. Reservoir Technique 
2. Drilling Technique 
3. Production Engineering 
4. Gas Exploitation Technique 
5. Increased Oil Acquisition 
6. Formation Assessment 
7. Field Management

1. Mineralogy 
2. Petrology 
3. Sedimentology 
4. Paleontology 
5. Stratigraphic Principle 
6. Geomorphology 
7. Structural Geology


1. Mineral and Coal Exploration Technique 
2. Rock Mechanics 
3. Mine Planning 
4. Mechanical Moving 
5. Open Mine 
6. Blasting Technique 
7. Processing Material Galian 
8. Economic Material Galian 
9. Coal


Development of learning materials

In order for the learning education program to succeed, both lectures and practical courses need to be equipped with modules, learning and audio visual packages that can be used by students, assistants and lecturers in the teaching and learning process.

In addition, continuous improvement (continuous) to the learning materials, in accordance with the progress of science and technology and the demands of the times.

Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru Trisakti

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