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Vision and Mission - Mining Engineering

Vision and Mission

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Vision and Mission

Being a Reliable Study Program, with International standard while maintaining local values ​​in developing Mining science and technology, to improve the quality of life and civilization. 

  1. Increasing the role of Mining Engineering Program in producing human resources in the field of mining technology that has the ability of intellectual, international standard, and Trikakama Trikakama University character through education and teaching activities.
  2. Increase research activities to develop science and technology in the field of mining techniques based on local values ​​to answer national issues and improve the quality of life and civilization
  3. Increasing the role of Mining Engineering Program in mining engineering in supporting the needs of society and industry through community service activities
  4. Supporting FTKE's commitment in upholding good faculty governance.
  1. Realizing VMTS Mining Engineering Program through increased understanding by stakeholders with the spirit of building a synergy and make it as a guideline for the implementation of Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi.
  2. Support the implementation of good faculty governance in order to realize the mastery of science and technology in the field of international standard mining.
  3. To produce graduates in mining engineering who are knowledgeable, virtuous, intelligent, healthy, independent, creative, innovative, Trikakama Trisakti character, have social sensitivity, able to work together, communicate and develop entrepreneurship spirit that is fair, wise, , and has global competitiveness.
  4. Increase the quali fi cation and competence of human resources in the field of international standard mining techniques to improve the nation's competitiveness.
  5. Realizing an academic culture that spur self-development through the process of organizing Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi productive, effective and efficient in participating in building civil society (civil society).
  6. Supporting the improvement of management system, quality, and availability of infrastructure, fund, and information system, for the implementation of Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi in mining engineering.
  7. Strengthening the culture of researching, scientific publications, and contributing real work in the field of mining engineering that is beneficial to society, nation and state to improve the quality of life and civilization.
  8. Develop partnerships in mining engineering with other higher education institutions, professional associations, industry, government, and local and foreign communities.
  1. VMTS Mining Engineering Program is understood by stakeholders and used as guidance in the implementation of Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi in Mining Engineering Program
  2. Accomplishment of Accreditation A of BAN PT standards for Mining Engineering Program with the support of faculty and participatory, reliable, credible, transparent, accountable, accountable, fair, and continuous management and implementation of quality management on a continuous and consistent basis to support VMTS achievement.
  3. The graduates of Trikrama Trisakti are able to produce high competitiveness, both at home and abroad with achievements of at least 5% of graduates continue their studies in the field of earth and energy.80% work in accordance with the field of science with a maximum waiting period of 3 months, and at least 10% of them create jobs.
  4. Achieving the performance of qualified and achieving graduates, evidenced by the recommendation from a minimum of 5 large companies both domestic and foreign companies
  5. Achievement of human resource qualification in mining engineering which 60% of lecturers have S3 education in the field in accordance with the competence of their study program; 20% of professors of academic professorship and Head Lecture; Teachers certified in accordance with their field of duty; ratio of lecturer: student 1:25; and 5% of lecturers received international award; 10% have professional experience in the field of international standard.
  6. The achievement of lecturer and non-lecturer satisfaction through competence development and self-actualization opportunities in accordance with the Study Program to improve work motivation, culture and work ethic, openness and collegiality
  7. Achieving productive, effective, and efficient learning process based on Student Centered Learning and implementation of cooperation program between study program and faculty at home and abroad in mining engineering field.
  8. Good use of educational support facilities such as places of worship, parks, health, sports, library, studio, cooperative, canteen, common room, meeting room, guesthouse and student dormitory
  9. (a) .The establishment of a curriculum that meets the Indonesian National Qualification Framework that meets the demands of market and science prerequisites (b). The creation of a conducive academic atmosphere through interaction among academicians that support the diversity of cultures between nations, based on local wisdom to build the community adab
  10. The utilization of information system and e-learning system in mining engineering which always renewed both substance and its supporting facilities
  11. Support the availability of Tridarma infrastructure facilities covering classrooms / discussions / seminars / exhibits, laboratories, libraries, studios, which are standard and / or certified accessible for the public interest.
  12. Supporting the adequacy of funds from primary sources and additional sources from within the faculty including affiliated bodies, as well as outside faculties, for the sustainability and quality improvement of Tridarma PT
  13. Establishment of cooperation in the field of Tridarma PT with 8 internationally reputable universities, and research cooperation in mining engineering with at least 5 (five) different industries whose results are published in accredited journals
  14. Providing real work and training in mining engineering for the development of regional resources in Indonesia
  15. The resulting national and international scientific publications in mining engineering are 1 (one) work per lecturer per year, and 1 discovery earning intellectual property rights every five years.
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